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High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
  • High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
  • High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
  • High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
  • High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale
  • High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale

High Quality Graphite Electrode for Sale

    Ödeme şekli: L/C,T/T,D/P
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF,EXW,FCA
    Min. sipariş: 20 Metric Ton
    Teslim süresi: 5 Gün

Temel bilgi

model numarası.: φ200-800mm Grade UHP HP RP

tip: Grafit elektrotlar

kompozisyon: SiC

Karbon İçeriği: Yüksek Karbon

sınıf: Endüstriyel Dönem

Şekillendirme Yolu: Ekstrüde Grafit

Kristal Morfolojisi: Kompakt Kristalin

Ash: Max 0.3%

Resistivity: 4.8-5.8

Bulk Density: 1.68-1.74

Modulus Of Rapture: 10-14

Young's Modulus: 10-14

CTE: 1.1-1.4

Additional Info

Ambalaj: By export standard wooden pallet

Verimlilik: 50000/year

Marka: Carbographite

Ulaşım: Ocean,Land,Air

Menşe yeri: China

Yetenek kaynağı: 200t/month

Sertifika: SGS, IKA

HS Kodu: 85451100

Liman: Tianjin,Qingdao

Ürün Açıklaması


Graphite Electrode is produced artificially by using carbon and selected binding materials such as pitch or tar. The specific characteristics of graphite electrode are:

■Low electrical resistivity

■Good lubrication properties

■High thermal conductivity

■High thermal shock resistance

■Chemically stable


The basic production steps in the manufacture of graphite electrode comprise the following:







The coke is crushed into specific particle sizes, depending on the final diameter and the individual application of the graphite electrode. To bind the coke particles, controlled amounts of pitch are added.

The resulting plastic mix is extruded through a forming press and cut into specified lengths, making the "green graphite electrode".


The baking process is carried out at temperatures of 800°C - 1200°C. The pitch is carbonizing at this point and about 40% of the pitch evaporates.


Bulk density and other physical properties can be improved by further pitch impregnation. All Carbographite graphite electrode are impregnated in this way. This is why the regular power grade achieves minimum bulk density of 1,62 g/cm3.


The graphitising process takes place at approximately 2800°C - 3200°C. The amorphous carbon is transformed into graphite.


Finally the electrodes are machined to specified dimensions according to IEC 60239:2005 standard.

Tech Data
Regular Power Type RP
High Power Type HP
Ultra High Power UHP
Bulk Density g/cm3
Ash %
graphite electrode 5

Current Load and Current Density

graphite electrode 6

Specification of Nipples

graphite electrode 1 graphite electrode 2

Types of Electrodes

The correct type of graphite electrode for varying operating conditions is mainly influenced by the maximum current carrying capacity. The following table shows the different electrode types and their matching current carrying capacities and will provide a rough idea for selection of Rongxing graphite electrode.

Type HP Graphite Electrode

High power grade HP Graphite Electrode is for foundry operations (electric arc furnace: EAF) and for ladle furnaces (LF) and occasionally for electric arc furnace operations, if the furnace parameters are suitable.

Type UHP Graphite Electrodes

Ultra high power grade UHP Graphite Electrode is suitable for electric arc furnace operations and ladle furnace operations with heavy current loads.

graphite electrode 3

Maximum Current Load for EAF

graphite electrode 4

Maximum Current Load for LF

Storage and Handling

Carbographite Graphite electrode are produced with tight tolerances to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To run your furnace without problems you have to take care not to damage any parts of the electrodes. Therefore it is essential to keep the graphite electrodes in their wooden cases until you are ready to use them on the furnace. Damage to end faces and to the threads of the socket can cause failure.


Electrodes which are not equipped with preset nipples:
- first require a nipple inserting. It is essential to ensure the socket and nipple are clean before insertion.

Screw the lifting eye into the empty socket of the graphite electrode and ensure that the socket threads are not damaged.
Protect the opposite end of the electrode and nipple when lifting.
Before assembling the two electrodes - clean the socket of the lower electrode with compressed air.
Put a spacer between the electrodes to prevent damage to the socket and the nipple when lowering the new graphite electrode by crane. Remove the spacer and tighten the joints.
To ensure efficient operation we recommend the following tightening torques. Excessive torque damages the graphite electrode, insufficient torque causes loose joints and hot spots.


If you have broken graphite electrode please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to supply you with information regarding re-machining and recovery of scrap electrodes.

Graphite Electrode Sales Manager (2)

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